All About The Stay-Focused App

  • -Get distracting apps or calls of your back!
  • -Turn off selected apps and callers whenever you want
  • -leave wanted apps and callers unblocked, so you can work with it
  • -use the calendar function: set specific study times recurring every week
  • -and now: use the distraction-free time and get productive

Distraction free working time NOW

Exams coming up? Set recurring study times with our calendar

  • Go to the calendar function via the button on the bottom of the screen.
  • Add a new study time: add the times and apps/ callers you want blocked, just like in the first screen.
  • Turn your different calendar profiles on or off as you like
  • Via the edit button you can change or delete your calendar profiles
  • You are in the middle of a block and need to use a blocked app?
    Don’t worry you can enter the app, but only by typing of a few sentences. This will make you think if you only really want to check that new Facebook-pic.
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