All About The Caritas Alarm Clock App

This unique alarm clock helps you perform a good deed every day, even before the day has really begun! With the Snooze-or-Lose function you can either resist that inner nagging temptation to sleep a little longer or you support a charity organization and return briefly to your slumber.

* Credits and Snooze-Points *
Purchase credits and set your own personal snooze amount

* Snooze Duration *
Set your own personally desired snooze duration

* iPhone Music *
Wake up to your favourite iPhone music

* Multiple Alarm Times *
Set multiple or individual alarm times

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That daily challenge of getting out of bed in the morning affect almost all of us, hard-working people, students and school kids.. Now you, as an iOS user of SnoozeOrLose, have the opportunity to counter this age old problem and simultaneously perform a good deed on a daily basis.

Right from day one of using the SnoozeOrLose app, that early morning guilty conscience can be consigned to the past. Should you awake to the sound of soothing alarm tones or your own choice of iTunes music and eagerly hop out of bed, then this app has served its purpose. Should this, by way of exception, not be the case one morning: you are tired and weary and so hit the snooze function of your iOS device, then you simultaneously send a amount, personally selected by you, to a worthy cause. With each further use of the snooze function your account will be automatically debited by the same amount. This provides for a pleasant sense of well-being and ensures a relaxed start to the day, even though maybe you did stay in bed a little longer than planned.

90 percent of the revenue generated with this app flows to Caritasverband der Erzdiözese München und Freising e.V and will be used entirely for good causes.

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